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Photo model audition Cebu Philippines

Photo Model Audition in Cebu Philippines

The Photo model audition for photo model tours will be held at Mactan Island.

Mactan Island is easy to reach from Cebu Island. The Audition will start at one of the nice Beach resorts and will then lead either to a full day Island hopping tour to the close by small Island or a half day audition at one of the nearby beaches. During the audition we will teach and explain you a lot about what you need to know as Photo Model for Photo Model Tours.

The photo shooting for our audition will start when we reached our destination and will end when we come back.

Sorry as of now there is no schedule for an audition!

It will be a day of fun together with our team and the models who have applied for this audition. You will not get paid for the Audition, but you will receive your fee for fare (public transportation only , no taxi ) and of course we are organizing some snacks during our Photo Model Audition. It will be an Event of fun and entertainment and after the audition, you will know if you like to be a photo model in our team.

Our half day audition will be held Marigondon Beach. Take a look at the map below.

What else you need to know about our photo model audition?

Punctuality is a must. Since we are leaving at a certain scheduled time ( more details after you applied) you need to be there right at time. Do not be late or we might have left with the pump boat to start our photo audition already.

Bring as much clothes and swim suits as you can carry. Please do not use make up befor we start with the photo model audition. Bring your Make up kit and do not forget your Photo ID, if you haven't sent it already during the application progress. NO ID no Photo shooting, no audition.

If there is a schedule for an audition you will be informed how to meet us and more details about the audition itself.

Pictures taken at our photo model audition

Photo model Ritchel

Photo model aljeanPhoto-model-analiza

hang on... there well be more pictures (click to enlarge)

Apply as photo model

Becoming a photo model in our team is not that hard as you might think. Just read the information's and fill out the application form for photo models, which is provided at the bottom of this page.

Feel free to take a look around through photo-model-tours.com to have an impression of what you can expect to be asked to do as photo model.

We strictly denie any nude picture takings during our photo shootings and we will protect your integrity as model in our team.

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